I would like to take this opportunity to express my respect, appreciation and admiration for Gina Allan-Belasik; she is truly a gifted instructor.

Apart from her obvious love and understanding of horses, she is an encouraging, educated and intuitive teacher. What sets Gina apart is her uncanny ability to see, understand and diagnose the physiological and emotional strengths and weakness of, and relationship between, riders and their equine partners.

Gina can “see” in minute detail, what strengths and weaknesses the rider and horse bring to the partnership; she gently brings to shape the desired result. Gina’s enthusiasm, encouragement and positivity result in a vast improvement of rider effectiveness and enables the horse to relax and willingly participate in the rider’s equestrian dreams.

Her deep research into Pilates transforms the balance of rider, horse and their partnership.

Gina is an asset to the Canadian horse community and we are lucky to have her here in BC.

Mandy Cragg, NSEC

I was absolutely ecstatic with the changes I felt in the clinic this weekend both with my body position and with Alex (my horse partner – the chestnut Deuitchmeister).

The changes in movement and body position that Alex evidenced when I made the changes you suggested in my body position have helped make us both happier and me more effective.

I did start using another saddle as this was a lot of the problem on the canter which you noted when you rode him and his canter has started to change as he gets to trust the pain is gone.

Thank you very much for coming to Whitehorse and helping us. I’m booked in for the next two clinics with you!

Cynthia Tucker, Whitehorse