What is Equifitness?


The Equifitness program is a system of exercises designed to enhance the foundation of your riding through awareness of position and improved core strength. This exercise program specifically targets core stability, strength and balance to help riders develop a secure and stable seat. By improving and maintaining a healthy level of physical fitness you reduce the possibility of misalignment injuries, and improve your skill and communication with your horse.

Who is Equifitness for?

Riders of all ages, abilities, and disciplines can benefit through the Equifitness Exercise Program. Beginners, seasoned riders, or those returning to riding after prolonged absences will improve their physical fitness. Equifitness is a progressive program that builds on the improvements you make as you develop and refine your abilities as a rider.

Why Equifitness?

The Equifitness Exercise Program begins with simple exercises that are easily incorporated into your everyday life or your riding regime. We discuss issues specific to your riding and implement strategies to address those issues. Exercises are done regularly and are gradually increased in intensity to provide you with the results you seek to be the best rider you can be.