Since I have started participating in Gina’s Equifit classes, I have noticed a huge improvement in my riding since my balance, core strength and awareness have improved tenfold. Gina is very knowledgeable and uses exercises to target specific muscles or problem areas that a lot of riders have. It is not only my riding that has improved but my overall well-being too. Even my chiro mentioned that I am less tight in my body and I certainly feel the difference as well!

Even though I am dealing with an injury, Gina always gives me a different version if I can’t perform a particular exercise and as a result the muscles around my injury have gained significant strength. Gina is also great fun and so good at motivating us all and keeping us going! I can’t recommend her classes highly enough! I love Equifit!

Simone Engels, Vancouver Island


I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your classes. I have taken just about every kind of class there is in 2 provinces and several town/cities and used all kinds of videos at home as well. I find your class so much fun I dread missing even one. I don’t even realize how much I’m working.

You are so knowledgable, professional, yet personal. You keep up with current research and adapt your lessons accordingly. You vary classes yet keep some moves to make us feel comfortable. The difficulty is there for me but I feel that I can keep up with you. Your personality is engaging. You obviously practise what you preach because you are gorgeous!

Keep up the great work!

Alison Chinn, Vancouver Island